National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day

Monday 18th March is Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day, CLICK HERE for parental information

At Aspire Academy Bexley, our curriculum covers all National Curriculum Subjects which are taught in a variety of fun and engaging ways and include interactive lessons, visiting speakers and school trips.

  • Maths and English – These subjects are taught daily and pupils are grouped according to their ability. This means that teaching can target the pupil’s specific learning needs and previous gaps in their education. Termly assessments are carried out and pupils are able to move groups according to their individual needs. Phonics is taught daily during English lessons following the phonics play scheme which is based on the government’s letters and sounds guidance.
  • Science – This is taught weekly and covers all topic areas of the National Curriculum including learning about our bodies, the environment and states of matter. Where possible it includes practical investigations to enhance the pupil’s scientific enquiry skills.
  • History and Geography - These subjects are taught in topic areas with each topic lasting for half a term. Topics in geography include learning about the world, map and compass skills and geographical features such as rivers and mountains. History topics include: The Romans, Ancient Egyptians and local history studies. Where possible these subjects are linked with Art and DT to provide practical elements to the pupils learning.
  • Computing – Pupils at Aspire Academy Bexley have access to PC’s, laptop’s and iPads which are used in all subjects to enhance learning. There is also a discrete computing curriculum which is taught once and week and includes word processing skills, coding and graphic design.
  • RE – RE is taught weekly following the Bexley Agreed syllabus and includes teaching about the 5 main religions as well as concept units which cover aspects such as sharing. We have regular visits from the CRIBS team who enhance our teaching about Christianity and this includes drama presentations at Christmas and Easter.
  • PSHE – Due the nature of the school PSHE is a large part of our daily teaching and opportunities for teaching PSHE occurs in all lessons and during social times such as playtimes. We also teach weekly PSHE lessons focusing on topics such as: feelings, bullying, healthy eating and careers. Sex education is taught in year 6. PSHE topics are also covered in assembly times and by visiting speakers.
  • PE – PE is taught weekly by a specialist PE coach and includes games, gymnastic and dance. Pupils in years 4, 5 & 6 have an opportunity to go swimming on a termly rota.
  • Music - Music is taught weekly by a specialist teacher from Bird College and includes instrumental teaching such as ukulele and African drumming. All pupils have the opportunity to be in the school choir with some pupils performing in the Bexley School Music Festival at the Royal Festival Hall. Music concerts are performed to the parents at Christmas and the end of the school year.
  • Art and DT –Where possible these are liked to history and geography units taught and include teaching specific skills using a range of medium as well as designing and making objects and cooking skills.
  • Modern Foreign Language – Spanish it taught at Aspire Academy Bexley on a weekly basis in all KS2 classes.