Oakwood School/Endeavour Academy Bewxley received a total of £37,725 pupil premium for the financial year 2014-2015. We had a total of 56 students on roll, this was based on 36 students.

Breakfast Club

All students are given access to a free breakfast club every morning before school providing a hot sandwich or cereal along with a drink.

Break and Lunch

During break and lunch we offer subsidised snacks, sandwiches and drinks.

Peer Mentoring

Students attend two vertical tutorial sessions each day and are placed in small family nurture groups to develop a sense of belonging and to offer adult and peer support. Every year we provide training for our KS4 students to support younger students.

Academic interventions

A range of academic interventions are in place funded through the Pupil Premium, which benefit a number of students and Looked After Children (LAC). All students have access to a number of literacy and numeracy interventions including a Literacy Co-coordinator and a specialist external tutor working with dyslexic students. Six monthly assessments are carried out to assess progress. There are regular 1:1 sessions in all subjects and there are homework and GCSE coursework clubs held weekly by our teaching team.

All of our students have access to a wide range of KS4 accredited pathways and all students complete their Bronze Arts Award and some complete the silver award.

After school clubs

Students have access to after school clubs and can participate in football club, trampoline club, music club, club de cuisine and bike club.


Students can access peripatetic music lessons and all students have the opportunity to attend a music studio to compose their own CD showing their musical skills. All students have the opportunity to perform or contribute to others’ performances in Expressive Arts.


Year 10 and 11 students attend a residential for team-building/outdoor adventure activities such as cycling, rock climbing and abseiling. KS4 students can complete the young leaders’ course to develop their team building skills and to introduce them to peer mentoring. In year 10 they are trained as peer mentors and they are encouraged to support younger students. A Peer Mentoring Programme, which involved mentor training for students in Years 11 and 10. A Peer Mentoring conference is held each summer term and students take on larger responsibilities running the school for the day.


Individual sessions with two specialist counsellors, are available to all students. This avoids lengthy waits for external referrals and has had a major impact on the stability and success of the students involved.

Gardening and Horticulture

Students are also offered time and space to develop their horticultural skills and to develop their own allotment area.

Health and Well-being

We offer confidential sessions with the school nurse and she runs individual and small group sessions for LAC and/or girls in puberty and Sex and Relationship Education.


Some children on Pupil Premium have received free uniform as required.

Social language Support

In Key stage 3 students complete a social language programme to support them with their language and communication difficulties and to help them understand non-verbal cues and appropriate behavioural responses to a range of situations.

Helping children on the Autistic Spectrum to achieve

Students on the Autistic Spectrum are supported with sessions from a dedicated Teaching Assistant and where necessary, sessions with a Specialist teacher. Oakwood School offers autistic children 1:1 individual sessions with an AS Mentor. The team identifies and monitors students with potential autistic spectrum profile, and where necessary they will be referred for assessment with the paediatric team.

Reward schemes

We offer a wide range of attendance, academic and behavioural reward schemes, and as and when necessary, individualised timetables are instigated to target students’ needs and aspirations. This can include 1:1 curriculum support and/or literacy and numeracy lessons and learning mentoring, Kick Start motor bike project, construction, UTurn, Breakthrough, CAFC courses in addition to individualised mentoring, work experience and taster courses at Bexley College.

Additional Support in Exams

All students are assessed by an educational psychologist for the need for exam dispensation and if necessary, they are provided with trained readers and scribes throughout their exams.


All students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities from swimming, horse riding, skating, skiing or snowboarding, trampolining, iceskating and golf and bowling. In school, students are encouraged to play and participate in team sports and to compete against other schools in football and basketball. KS3 students also have a Karate option.

Parents’ network groups

We hold monthly parent network support groups for parents of young people on the Autistic Spectrum. This offers parents the opportunity to talk and support each other. This group is led by 2 staff employees who are dedicated AS support staff. In addition to this we run a monthly network meeting for parents of all students. This group is facilitated by our Home School Liaison Officer and parents are welcomed into the school and have the opportunity to talk, share and support each other.

We also provide dedicated speakers, examples of whom are Pascalle Berthelle who runs an ESafety workshop, Kate Grubb who provides benefits information and advice and Martin Yates from CAMHS.

Accelerated Reader

We have developed the online reading package Accelerated Reader. Training staff to manage this and to work with students to develop and strengthen their reading. Accelerated Reader helps students to develop their reading skills and provides additional challenge to develop vocabulary growth and literacy skills.

Accelerated Maths

We have also purchased a mathematics package which monitors student progress and offers a personalised program for each student.


Regular school tracking and analyses by subject leaders SLT and governors.


  • Attainment data
  • Attendance data
  • Parental questionnaires


Resource Cost Start Date Intended Outcomes Impact
Counselling £4,000 In place Enable students to access support to improve their well-being and help them to be ready for learning Students and parents report improvement in concentrating and functioning in lessons
Attendance Assistance £7,000 In place Improve attendance Follow up on attendance issues  
Breakfast Club £4,000 In place Ensure children have a positive start to their day All students have eaten and able to learn Improved attendance Improved behaviour for learning
Break and Lunch Tuck £1,500 In place Healthy option snacks and drinks Improved behaviour children have access to healthy snack and drink
Attendance initiatives £2,000 In place Encourage improved attendance  
Accelerated Reader £1,500 In place Raise reading age and develop reading skills Students make expected or better progress in English
Accelerated maths £1,000 In place Identify mathematical deficits and provide diagnostic support. Students make expected or better progress in maths
After School Clubs £800 In place Homework club offers an opportunity to complete work with support Other clubs opportunity to socialise and develop leisure interests High attendance at clubs
Learning Mentor £6,500 In place Individual support for learning and social communication Improved attendance in lessons
1:1 tuition – external tutor £900 In place Support for students with SpLD Students making expected or better progress
Student Voice £500 In place To support initiatives suggested by school council Reward trips School uniform ideas
Peer Mentoring £200 In place To raise pupils self-esteem, confidence and engagement Decrease in behavioural exits from tutor time
Residential £2,000 In place To raise pupils self-esteem, confidence and engagement All KS4 students attend residential for some or all of the week
Gardening Horticulture £1,000 In place Opportunity to develop horticultural skills and to have time to reflect  
Peripatetic music teachers £4,000 In place Learn a musical instrument Students perform at assembly carol concert and end of year celebration
School Uniform £200 Ad hoc Be part of the school ethos and culture Students look the same so that nobody can identify students experiencing financial difficulties with uniform
Parent Network Groups £250   Parents supported Improved parental engagement