BREAKING NEWS: Ofsted Inspection

We were recently inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspector for Schools (Ofsted)
The outcomes and findings of the inspector can be found here

Allocation for 2015/16

Estimated £89,105.00
Actual Payment Received £69,190.00

The Annual funding was total used to support staffing budget

Allocation for 2016/17

Estimated £41,470.00    
Actual Payment £17,279.00   Summer Term
Expenditure To Date:      
Renaissance Learning £2,383.25    
Education City £1,959.00   One year renewal
St. John Fisher £24.00   Sweatshirts x 2
Various Uniform £200.00   Students at Pathways
Amount Spent 2016/17 £4,556.25    

We will publish our next Pupil Premium update during September 2018