A guide on setting up LGFL emails in Outlook

This is a setup for any @NewHorizonsFederation.org.uk, @HorizonsBexley.org.uk, @EndeavourBexley.org.uk, or @AspireBexley.org.uk email addresses.

This guide uses Outlook 2016 for the example images but will work for 2010 and 2013 also.

After opening Outlook you will be presented with this page. Click “Next” to start the setup.

As we are setting up Email within outlook choose “Yes”, which should be chosen by default. Then click “Next”.

The next page is where you enter all of your email details:

  • Your name, full name please
  • Email Address, this is your USO username (e.g. another.303) followed by @lgflmail.org
    (Use this format regardless of your email address)
  • And lastly your normal USO password, twice

Click “Next”.

Outlook will take a few moments to search for the settings and the server, be patient.

After those few moments a popup box will appear, you MUST tick the box. Then click “Allow”.

Another popup will then appear. Do NOT type in your password, click on “Use another account”.

It will then present you with a username and a password field. In the username field put “LGFLMAIL\” followed by your normal USO username, the backslash is important, you should notice the domain change.
Then type your normal password into the password field and tick the box. Click “OK”.

This may popup a second box prompting for your password, type in your password in and then make sure that the box is ticked. Click “OK”.

After the pop up closes you will back on this page. Click the “Finish” button.

Outlook will now open and begin to load your emails. It may require a restart after setup. Enjoy.