A guide on accessing and using LGFL’s myDrive/myUSO

Either enter the url https://my.uso.im/ which will take you directly to the myUSO webpage, from there you can click on theto log on.  To access you cloud storage just click the Quick Link icon, or for the long way around:

Go to Google and type in the search box lgfl where you should find that the first result of the search is LGFL’s Home Page.  It should look something similar to this:

From this click the top result Home Page – London Grid for Learning, this will then take you to their Home Page where you will need to click on the icon marked Cloud Services:

From here you will be presented with the screen below, click the icon that says myDrive/myUSO:

You are now presented with a link to the log on screen, click on the LAUNCH SITE link:

Type in you username (e.g another.303) and you password (whatever123) as requested and click Login:

Your home screen should look similar to this, if not then you’re in the wrong place:

You will notice there is anbutton for uploading files/folders from your Computer or usb device to your myDrive/myUSO   To download from your myDrive/myUSO tick the box next to the file/folder and choose the option to download.  You can also drag and drop documents into your myDrive/myUSO account if you wish, however dragging and dropping from your myDrive/myUSO account to your computer will only result in a shortcut to the document and not a copy of the document, therefore it is advisable to download using the previous method.

You can open documents using Microsoft Online by double clicking on the document as you would normally and it will then ask you whether you would like to download the document or open it in Word/Excel/PowerPoint Online whichever format the document is in.

This obviously is not a comprehensive guide to using myDrive/myUSO, but is enough to get you up and running. We recommend you have a look around the Home Screen and refer to the further information on the LAUNCH SITE page:

Cheers and enjoy……………….