Pupil Premium Grant 2018-2019

In April 2011 the Government introduced Pupil Premium, funding which is additional to main school funding.

The purpose of the Pupil Premium is that it is deployed by schools to narrow the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers. Pupils included are; those from low income families, children adopted and in care and young people with parents in the regular armed forces. 

Schools are able to spend the funding as they see fit based upon their knowledge of pupil needs. In addition to the core curriculum a school offers, each pupil eligible for Pupil Premium funding may receive specific interventions, designed to provide opportunities and support based on individual needs and circumstances.

Detailed analysis of need and regular tracking of progress is essential to ensure potential barriers are overcome and expected levels of progress made.

Endeavour Academy receives money from the Government's Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) stream.  We receive this allocation for students across the full ability range. 

This money is given to the Academy to be used in ways that we consider will have the most impact on our students.  Except for our students who are in care, this money is not linked to any individual child.

We use this PPG funding to provide support, not only for those students designated as PP students, but for all of our students and who will benefit from additional support.  Our key objectives for PPG are:

  • To improve the outcomes for Pupil Premium students to bring their attainment in line with expected levels of progress
  • To close the attainment gap between students in receipt of Pupil Premium and their peers
  • To improve attendance and punctuality
  • To improve aspiration and give curriculum and enrichment activities and opportunities
  • To provide careers information, advice and guidance for our students

If you need any further information regarding Pupil Premium please contact Beverley Evans.

Pupil Premium Report 2018/19

Over the academic year we had 71 on our school roll in years 7 – 11, across the ability range. Of these 52 (73%) were eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant. These students have been eligible for Free School Meals in the last six years or have been in care.

During this period Endeavour Academy received a Pupil Premium allocation of £47,524 for the academic year 2018/19. The Pupil Premium allocation is used at Endeavour Academy to ensure our long term goal - for our disadvantaged students to make the same progress as their peers. Of these, 73%, 3(4%) are girls and the rest are boys. 

The Pupil Premium allocation was spent on a number of interventions:

Curriculum & Staffing:

Extra literacy and Numeracy lessons
Reading interventions
HLTA and TA in English and Maths
The team of four Behaviour Learning Mentors
Pastoral support officer supporting with Attendance
Careers and Transition Coordinator providing 1:1 Interventions and support

Additional Resources:

Exam support –Readers and Scribes
Study Aid books
Reading and numeracy software
Peripatetic Music lessons
Key stage 4 residential
Breakfast and break time healthy snack/ sandwich

Mentoring & Support:

Homework clubs
Study skills support
Careers Information Advice and Guidance provision
Trips and Residential experience
Critical thinking skills workshops
Financial hardship funding

The impact of this expenditure (based on Year 11 GCSE outcomes 2019);




Number of Students in Year 11 2018/19

14 (73.7%)

5 (26.3%)

No. achieving level 1 English

10 (71.4%)

5 (100%)

No. achieving level 1 Maths

9 (64.3%)

5 (100%)

No. achieving level 2 English

0 (0%)

1 (20%)

No. achieving level 2 Maths

2 (14.3%)

1 (20%)

English & Maths 1-9

8 (57.1%)

5 (100%)

English & Maths 4-9

0 (0%)

1 (20%)

No. GCSE 1-9



Avg No. GCSE per student 1-9



Pupil Premium Strategy/Interventions for 2018/2019



CPD and QA to ensure that teaching

prioritises underachieving

disadvantaged students

To ensure that teachers provide Quality 1st teaching for underachieving disadvantaged students e.g. Olevi training leadership opportunities social story training SALT updates Mental health first aid awareness

Monitoring progress of disadvantaged

students and taking action

Academic Heads of Department and Subject Teachers have an increased focus on monitoring achievement of

Disadvantaged students at each tracking point throughout each academic year. Significant underperformance against targets is followed up with meetings and action points.

Tutorial programme

A daily programme delivered by staff, which includes social skills support as well as literacy and numeracy support. Also, 1 to 1 support from a trusted adult to tackle barriers to learning.

Diagnostic Testing/Screening

To diagnose specific barriers to progress and apply appropriate support.

Additional support in English and Maths


Provision of a programme of ‘booster’ sessions by specialist staff in English, and Maths to support understanding and progress in Years 10 and 11.

Revision sessions


These clinics are held after school and during Friday options, in preparation for

Functional skills and external examinations.

Revision guides - free


To support students with GCSE examinations and retention of key knowledge and understanding.

Extra-Curricular opportunities.

Free access to a wide range of after-school activities trips and visits

that will enrich students’ enjoyment and understanding of the curriculum and to provide opportunities

That they would not otherwise have access to. Availability of financial support to ensure access is achieved, removing financial barriers but encouraging widening participation in new learning experiences.

Hardship fund

To support families with meeting the necessities of school e.g. uniform, as well as

providing support to ensure access to extra-curricular opportunities

Pastoral support and attendance



Daily, weekly and termly attendance monitoring takes place to ensure students are in school as much

as possible and the school is proactive in challenging poor attendance, supporting reintegration where necessary.

Early morning support/intervention

Priority access to staff every morning before the school day starts to discuss academic or non-academic matters.

Motivational trips

Trips that both inspire and enthuse students to achieve their potential and reach beyond the realms of

What they believe possible. Trips to support in improving the aspirations of students.

Careers education and guidance

Ensure students know and understand the route for their self-generated success criteria.

Transition programme

To aid transition from primary school.

Transitions curriculum for Year 7 - 8

Students receive specific literacy and numeracy intervention four days per week. Timetabled literacy intervention classes twice weekly in small groups where students are targeted to improve their reading age, in line with their chronological age and to focus on improving their reading and writing skills across all subjects. The intervention

Programme is tailored to the needs of the student, which means it is flexible and the amount and type of support will vary depending on the individual needs of the student. Training, delivery and quality


Family support events

To build relationships with families and to celebrate the success of key groups.

Endeavour Academy
2018/19 Pupil Premium Budget



Toe by Toe


Reading Egg


Accelerated reader




Behaviour Leaning Mentor


Attendance guidance officer


Transition Learning mentor


Careers advice and guidance


Pastoral Support coordinator


Library Support


Teaching Assistant Support



Exam support, GCSE booster sessions


Literacy and numeracy software


Music peripatetic lessons


After School Clubs


Breakfast & Tuck


KS4 residential


Attendance Rewards and trips


Behaviour incentives and trips


Extracurricular subject trips and activities



Homework clubs


Leadership interventions, implementation of strategy monitoring


Study skills support


Financial support available for students on

FSM (Hardship Fund)




PPG received 2018/19                                                £47,524