Pupil Premium 2017-2018


Endeavour Academy received a total of £24,735 premium for the financial year 2017-2018.  We had a total of 73 students on roll; this was based on 44 students.

Breakfast Club

All students are given access to a free breakfast club every morning before school providing a hot sandwich or cereal along with a drink.

Break Offer

During break we offer all of our students a healthy snack of a sandwich and a glass of milk or water. This is provided free to any child who would like one.


Year 10 and 11 students attend a residential for team-building/outdoor adventure activities such as cycling, rock climbing and abseiling

Academic interventions

A range of academic interventions are in place. All students have access to a number of literacy and numeracy interventions including a literacy and numeracy HLTA, they provide sessions and activities for students which support their progress across the curriculum. Six monthly assessments are carried out to assess progress in reading and spelling. There are homework, GCSE study clubs and catch up sessions, held weekly by our team.
All of our students have access to a wide range of KS4 accredited pathways, students are able to sit up to 8 GCSE or BTEC subjects and all students complete English, Maths and ICT Functional skills level 1 and where possible level 2.

After school clubs

Students have access to after school clubs and can participate in football club, trampoline club, DT club, music club, ICT club and cooking club.

Feedback and parental engagement

Students are also offered termly 1:1 teacher/student meetings along with their parents. Information is given to the student and the parent, looking at their performance relative to learning goals. Time is given to allow students to talk and discuss their progress and next steps needed to move forward and achieve predicted GCSE grades and the post y11 course they are aspiring to

Health and Well-being

We offer confidential sessions with the school nurse and she runs individual and small group sessions for LAC and/or girls in puberty and Sex and Relationship Education.


Some children on Pupil Premium have received free uniform as required. We recognise the importance of identity and want to ensure that students feel they are part of their school community and all students are provided with a school fleece.

Reward schemes

We offer a wide range of attendance, academic and behavioural reward schemes. Students earn credits every lesson and Merits for exceptional performance. These are then recorded and Vouchers can be earned. We also run termly reward trips for excellent behaviour and attendance at school.

Additional Support in Exams

All students receive appropriate access arrangements for formal examinations and when necessary they are provided with trained readers and scribes throughout their exams.



Start Date

Intended Outcomes




In place

To raise pupils self-esteem , confidence and engagement

All KS4 students attend residential for some or all of the week

Breakfast Club


In place

Ensure children have a positive start to their day
All students have eaten and able to learn

Improved attendance
Improved behaviour for learning

Break Tuck


In place

Healthy option snacks and drinks

Improved behaviour children have access to healthy snack and drink

Attendance initiatives


In place

Encourage improved attendance

Significant increase in students attending 90% and above

Accelerated Reader


In place

Raise reading age and develop reading skills

Students make expected or better progress in English



In place

Students are able to work on all curriculum areas and to complete homework and additional work to enhance their progress in their curriculum studies.

Students making expected or better progress in their subjects.
Students completing additional work in preparation for their functional skills exams.

After School Clubs


In place

Homework club offers an opportunity to complete work with support
Other cubs opportunity to socialise and develop leisure interests

Good attendance and behaviour in order to attend clubs

Numeracy and Literacy HLTAs


In pace

Individual support for literacy and numeracy

Improved attendance in lessons

Student Voice


In place

To support initiatives suggested by school council

Reward trips
School uniform ideas

School Uniform


Ad hoc

Be part of the school ethos and culture

Students look the same nobody can identify students experiencing financial difficulties with uniform


Regular school tracking and analyses by subject leaders SLT and governors


Attainment data 
Attendance data  
Parental questionnaires