The Speech and Language Therapy provision within Endeavour Academy Bexley is delivered through Magic Words Speech and Language service. Our provision consists of 1 day a week from a Speech and Language Therapist and our own ELKAN trained Speech and Language Therapy Assistant. All children on entry to Endeavour Academy Bexley will receive a screening assessment of their speech, language and communication needs. From the assessment the SENCO will then identify the appropriate  option of intervention: classroom support through class strategies; group intervention such as Lego Therapy, Asking for help, Telling the time, Transition settling in to secondary school; paired work targeting speech, language and communication skills or individual work targeting specific communication objectives. Onward referrals can also be made by the Speech and Language Therapist.

Whole school training to develop knowledge and skills around Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) and particular areas within this e.g. Autism, Attachment Difficulties, Whole Class strategies and Vocabulary development.

Staff will also receive child specific training, where children’s needs will be discussed so that all staff are aware of what they can do to support communication and reduce breakdowns in communication.

Liaisons between both SLT and school staff and advice or attendance at meetings such as social care / annual review meetings are also included